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Our success is driven by the success of our partners and our students. Here are what some of them have to say:

News & Events

Check out the latest FUGU news and upcoming events:
08/11/2018 Check out this in-depth review of GracieUniversity.com by a popular jiu-jitsu website, BJJ Eastern Europe.
07/25/2018 New FUGU Course: WeArtFamily: Believe in your Creativity Launches!
06/13/2018 Gracie University 2.0 Launches!
04/25/2018 Ginastica Natural is now available for purchase on FUGU!
01/05/2018 Check out this article about FUGU on Voyage LA.
01/01/2018 FUGU partners with FTIA to develop an employee security course.
12/28/2017 New Partner University: StrongFirst.SkillTrain.com Launches!
10/27/2017 ACTCert 2.0 Launches!
10/01/2017 New Subject: WeArtFamily: Painting with Famed Italian Painter Ercole Pignatelli Launches!
04/02/2017 New Course: Fundamentals of Racquetball Launches!
05/27/2016 New Subject: Dynamic Defensive Pistol: Tac-Tan Belt Launches!
11/01/2014 New Partner University: KravMagaWorldwideAcademy.com Launches!
04/04/2014 Gracie Academy and FUGU Introduce New State-of-the-Art Immersive Lesson Player.
04/03/2014 New Partner University: AmericanOLC.com Launches!
11/01/2013 New Partner University: GinasticaNaturalUniversity.com Launches!
04/01/2013 New Partner University: MonkeyBarGymUniversity.com Launches!
12/26/2011 Check out the new FUGU.com!
12/10/2011 New Satellite School: CosmetologyU Launches!
11/01/2010 Top Security Expert, Alon Stivi, Chooses the FUGU Platform to Launch Attack Countermeasures Training and Certification
01/01/2011 New Partner School: MartialSkill University Launches!
07/01/2010 Gracie Academy and FUGU Stand Up to Bullying with the Launch of GracieKids.com
01/19/2009 FUGU Partners with Gracie Academy to Create Online Gracie University

Learn What You Want, When You Want, Where You Want

FUGU.com was created to be a new type of University, one designed from the ground-up with the priority on the student experience. The lessons are dynamic and engaging, they feature top experts, and they focus on the topics you care about. You'll find FUGU lessons to be long form, interactive and in-depth. Our goal is to make you the best you can be at your chosen activities.

This is what we call Immersive Education. It is symbolized by our mascot and icon, the fugu. A delicacy for those in the know but deadly for those without the proper knowledge!

As in traditional universities, FUGU is organized into tracks, subjects, courses and lessons. The tracks include Sports & Games, Arts & Entertainment, Self-Improvement and Business. Each lesson incorporates high-quality video, informational slides, moderated forums, student chat, print-outs, and more to give you a one-of-a-kind learning experience. You can even test, get credit hours and get certified in your topic. There are quite a few free lessons and many others available for a small fee. All of the courses and lessons are 100% guaranteed. You own your lessons and can watch them as many times as you wish.

Fee free to contact us any time and we welcome your feedback and suggestions.

As we like to say at FUGU, there is nothing more enjoyable and valuable than to Learn Life!

Learn Life

FUGU is a new type of University platform, one designed from the ground-up with a priority on real-world, actionable topics and the student learning experience. FUGU partners with businesses and organizations to port their knowledge into an immersive format that is then delivered to their target audience through branded online destinations. The lessons are dynamic and engaging, they feature top experts, and they focus on the topics the audience cares about.

Working with partners such as Gracie University, ACT Cert, American OLC, StrongFirst and many others, FUGU has created an educational model by which our partner focuses on the information to be delivered and FUGU focuses on everything else. FUGU is a full-service system delivering high-impact learning to highly targeted user bases when, where and how they want.

As in traditional universities, FUGU sites are organized into tracks, subjects, courses and lessons. The learning hierarchy allows students to drill down to specific areas of interest. Each lesson within a course incorporates high-quality video, informational slides, moderated forums, student chat, workbooks, and more to give a one-of-a-kind learning experience. Many courses include tests, both dynamic and evaluated, where students get credit hours, rank advancement, receive rewards and get certified in the topic. Curriculum can be free, fee-based, gifted or accessed via subscription. The student owns their material and can view each lesson as many times as they wish.

When all packaged into the FUGU platform it becomes truly Immersive Education. This is symbolized by our mascot and icon, the fugu. A delicacy for those in the know but potentially deadly for those without the proper knowledge!

FUGU sites are where students Learn Life.

Contact us any time – we welcome your feedback and suggestions.

We're Always looking for Top Talent

If you're looking for an exciting career with a dynamic, growing company, we'd like to hear from you.

FUGU has a particular need for the following specialties, both full-time and contract:

Sales Specialists and Account Managers: If you live for revenue generation and have experience selling into Fortune 1000 companies then this may be a position for you.

SQL and .NET programmers who write clean, solid code and like to work in a fast-paced, creative environment.

Producers / Writers:
Creative individuals who can think on their feet and have experience pulling together complex productions. Professional presentation and excellent communication skills required.

Graphic artists who can illustrate in the style of newspaper and news weekly support graphics and charts.

An Unmatched Educational System

The FUGU platform and model offer benefits to our partners and students not found in any other system. FUGU immersive programs feature in-depth curriculum and top experts that creates community based learning driving high-retention and stickiness. Students get the opportunity to learn directly from thought leaders in their topic of interest. This is education as close to real-world training as it can get.

Below are a sampling of the FUGU platform benefits and features:

Best-of-Breed Infrastructure Delivering Superb End-User Experience
FUGU’s robust hosting infrastructure delivers a smooth and compelling experience to end-users while allowing its partners and subject experts to focus on their content.
  • Secure Tier-One Datacenter Hosting: Sites are hosted with one of the World’s top providers ensuring the content is always up and performance is optimal.
  • Distributed Global Video Network: Smooth streaming, high quality video to all locations.
  • Optimized Ingestion of User Videos: Simplified interface and convenient, secure upload of user videos for video based tests and professional review.
  • Database Driven Content: Creates a custom experience for each user and role.
  • Embedded Payment Gateway and Processing: Bulk rates and efficiencies with top line services including Authorize.net and PayPal.
  • Analytics Integration: Detailed tracking of site level usage and demographics.

Integrated Systems for Seamless Learning and Administration
The FUGU education engine has been designed from the ground up for the creation, management and distribution of in-depth, interactive content creating an optimized learning environment for participants.
  • All Device Access: Students can access their material in a device-optimized format from PCs, tablets and mobile devices.
  • Transaction Management: Fully integrated secure cart system enables a seamless purchase process.
  • Dynamic Content Management: Fast implementation of new content and courses.
  • Synchronous and Asynchronous Components: Students interact with others, track progress and take notes in real-time while viewing their lessons.
  • Registration: Sites are membership based allowing the content can be customized to each user and all use can be tracked and reported.
  • Roles: The system automatically recognizes each user’s role and delivers a role-based set of tools, content and reports.
  • Partner Brand Integration: Partners and sponsors have extensive brand exposure throughout the site and lessons.
  • Customizability: The platform is designed to be customized to the unique needs of each partner.
  • Curriculum Access Options: Courses and lessons can be free and open, free and registration, subscription and fee-based, allowing access rights to be customized at a granular level.
  • Hierarchical System: Curriculum is layered in as it is developed following a pattern of Channel > Track > Topic > Subject > Course > Lesson > Chapter.
  • SEO Optimized: The site and content is optimized for search engine recognition when appropriate.
  • Security: The site uses full SSL encryption and robust firewalls preventing unauthorized access of information and content.
  • Sub Domains and Shortcut Links: Quick links that take students directly to the section of interest.
  • Support and Message Management: All support and feedback messages are dynamically stored, tracked, prioritized and assigned.

A Unique Educational Model
The FUGU Educational Model has been developed with a focus on the efficient development and delivery of self-improvement and real-world topics that draw, engage, and embed a broad, yet highly targeted audience.
  • Full Service: FUGU handles all elements of development and delivery including site updates, secondary content creation and publishing, and full partner, subject expert and student tech support.
  • Leading Subject Experts: Lessons feature top Subject Experts in the category to guarantee the student is learning from the thought leaders.
  • In-Depth Lessons: Unlike “tip” videos featured on many other websites, FUGU lessons are long-form and detail packed. They are the equivalent of taking the course within a traditional learning environment but with the benefit that the student can interactively dig deeper into those areas of most interest as well as return as many times as necessary to review the material.
  • Professional Production: All video and supplementary content is professionally produced so as to deliver a top quality experience.
  • One-of-a-Kind Content: Courses and lessons are unique to the site, offering information students can’t get anywhere else online.
  • Broad Yet Targeted Audience: As a global solution, the curriculum reaches a broad audience but due to the exactness of the topics it also reaches a highly targeted audience.
  • Destination: FUGU sites create a go-to online destination for the topic.

Functionality and Interactivity to Engage the Student
The functionality and interactivity of FUGU portals foster intuitive learning through an immersive environment that makes the student an active participant in their education.
  • Testing: Multiple testing formats including dynamically graded, video based, and manually reviewed to validate student retention of knowledge.
  • Certification: Automated, printable certifications based on completion of courses and successful passing of required tests.
  • Affiliate Management: Ability to manage affiliates including information and listings and to sub-assign students.
  • Professional Review: Students can submit videos to have them evaluated by remote Instructors.
  • Forums: Private and role specific forums in both moderated and student direct formats give users the ability to interact directly with the experts.
  • Batch Purchases: Users can purchase courses and lessons in batches to distribute to others. For instance a Human Resources Director can purchase courses for multiple employees.
  • Access Codes: Courses and lessons can be assigned to users through the use of Access Codes.
  • Coupons and Discounts: Coupons and Discounts can be attached to any content level and be restricted by user or number of uses.
  • Feedback: Integrated feedback loops to ensure the content is meeting the needs of the student.
  • Gift Certificates: The ability to gift a course or lesson to another.
  • Student Ranks: The ability to assign and advance students through a ranking system.
  • Progress Tracking: The system incorporates both manual and automated progress tracking and notes.
  • Student Content Upload: Integrated functions for students to upload videos and other content types for review.
  • Interactive Lesson Player:
    • Multi-View: Student gets a high level view of all of the lesson content from which they can then get expanded views of the most relevant section for that portion of the learning.
    • Full Screen Option: The video can be expanded to full screen.
    • Resources: Each lesson includes a list of links to associated resources.
    • Streaming Video: The primary lesson information is delivered via video.
    • Printouts: There are accompanying printouts for each lesson highlighting key points.
    • Slides: There are slides synched to the video with major bullets, graphics and animations.
    • Peer Chat: Students are able to interact with other students watching the same lesson.
    • Moderated Forum: The lessons each have an associated moderated forum so students can receive qualified answers to their questions.
    • Bookmarks: The student can set bookmarks at key sections of the lesson.
    • Notes: The student has the ability to take notes while the lesson is playing.
    • History: The student can view their history with the lesson.
    • Files: Support files of various media are linked from the primary lesson.

Deep Administrative and Reporting Tools
Extensive back-end administration tools give Instructors and Administrators full insight and access to the progress and results of their students.
  • Reporting: Detailed reports on all key metrics. The reports are customizable and exportable.
  • Student Tracking: Administrator level tracking of student progress.
  • Site Admin Tools: Top level account access giving information on all revenue and students.
  • Course Admin Tools: An administrator level access with curriculum, testing, content and affiliate management tools.
  • Instructor Tools: Instructors are able to log-in to access their direct students and to grade tests.
  • Affiliate Tools: Tools for affiliates to manage their direct students.

Learn more about how the FUGU platform can support your goals Contact us to learn more.

Extend Your Brand to an Engaged Global Audience

FUGU is a learning system for delivering your content, in a deeply immersive format, to a wide consumer audience when, where and how they want it. The FUGU educational model and platform is designed around a full-service approach. This allows you to focus on the educational message you want to deliver while FUGU handles the rest.

Benefits of the FUGU Platform:
  • Options to Sponsor Content or Deliver Your Own: Expose your brand and message to exactly the audience you are trying to reach.
  • Broad Yet Highly Targeted Market: You will be able to reach students from virtually every country in the world.
  • High Level of Engagement: FUGU students spend an average of 16 minutes viewing content. This is much higher than industry averages.
  • Detailed Tracking and Analytics: All student progress is tracked and reported in real-time.
  • Draw and Entangle: A value-added educational destination for the topic that students view as a learning community.
  • Monetize: Generate incremental revenue with subscriptions, content purchases, advertising and sponsorships.
  • Validated Model: hundreds of thousands of registered students, tens of millions of minutes of content viewed.
  • Full Service: You write the content, we worry about everything else.
  • Raving Fans: Thousands of unsolicited rave reviews from students, subject experts and partners.
  • Proven Solution: FUGU has delivered significant success to its client partners.

Contact us to learn more about the opportunity today!

Attach Your Brand to a Positive Learning Experience

Whether you sponsor a channel, a subject, a course, or a lesson, your brand will be positive part of an online destination. Many other online advertising options create a barrier to the content that the user tries to avoid. FUGU students view lessons for an average of 16 minutes each allowing them to absorb your brand message for an extended period in a prominent yet congruent manner. The audience is highly targeted allowing you to reach exactly the high-value consumers you seek.

  • Broad Yet Highly Targeted Market: Registered students from virtually every country in the world.
  • High Level of Engagement: FUGU students spend an average of 16 minutes viewing content. This is much higher than industry averages.
  • Detailed Tracking and Analytics: All student progress is tracked and reported in real-time.
  • Draw and Entangle: A value-added educational destination for the topic that students view as a learning community.
  • Validated Model: hundreds of thousands of registered students, tens of millions of minutes of content viewed.
  • Raving Fans: Thousdands of unsolicted rave reviews from students, subject experts and partners.
  • Proven Solution: FUGU has delivered significant success to its client partners.

Contact us to learn more about the opportunity today!

Reinforce Your Personal Brand as a Topic Thought Leader

If you have an interest in offering your proprietary knowledge to a global audience in a monetized and rights secure format, you've come to the right place.

How it works:
  • Full Service Solution: You write the content, we worry about everything else.
  • Educate, Test, Certify: Teach your students, test them in dynamic or video based formats and issue certifications.
  • Build Your Personal Brand: You are the face of the content and your bio, social media, and general links are featured prominently.
  • World Class Destination: Best-of-breed hosting, streaming, functionality and features. Rave reviews from students, subject experts and partners.
  • Immersive Experience: Each interactive lesson features quality streaming video, slides, printouts, moderated forums, student chat and more.
  • Professional Production: All of the content is produced by professional teams.
  • Content Model: The FUGU content model and instructional design assistance allow for efficient structuring and optimization of the material for online delivery.
  • Productize and Monetize Your Knowledge: Make your specialized knowledge a product that delivers value to your audience and creates an annuity for you.
  • Private and Secure: Your content is secure and protected.
  • Draw, Engage and Entangle: Build a broad yet highly targeted global audience that views your learning center as a destination and community.
  • Multiple Revenue Streams: Earn revenue from subscriptions, fee-based content purchases, advertising, sponsorships, and secondary product sales.

Are you a leading Subject Expert (or know one)? Contact us to learn more about the opportunity today!