Course: Ultimate Pro-Wrestling Training

Lead Instructor:  Tom Howard
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Ultimate University has been featured on the Discovery Channel and TLC as one of the premier wrestling schools in America. This DVD teaches, step by step, the maneuvers and techniques that are essential in Pro Wrestling. This training program was produced for young men and women who are interested in entering Pro Wrestling, not for small children.

Course Lessons (4)


Ultimate Pro-Wrestling Training: Introduction

John Cena discusses how he got into wrestling, what motivates him, and why Ultimate Pro-Wrestling is the best wrestling training available.

Ultimate Pro-Wrestling Training: Volume 1

This Pro Wrestling training video shows you how top guys like John Cena, Christopher Daniel and Samoa Joe trained to make it to Television Wrestling in some of the top companies. Tom Howard who wa...

Ultimate Pro-Wrestling Training: Volume 2

Ultimate Pro-Wrestling Training Volume 2 continues from Volume 1 with new moves and techniques.

Ultimate Pro-Wrestling Training: Volume 3

Ultimate Pro-Wrestling Training Volume 3 continues from Volume 2 with new moves and techniques.

Course Specs

Course Chapters

There are no individual chapters available for this course.

Course Goals

  1. Understand the Course topic
  2. Refine your ability to execute the techniques presented in the Course
  3. Become familiar with drills that can be used to develop your skills
  4. Achieve significant proficiency in the material

Testing & Certification

There are not currently any tests or certifications for this course.

Lead Instructor

Tom Howard

Tom has been studying and competing in Martial Arts and Wrestling for nearly 30 years and is an experienced instructor of Pro Wrestling, Japanese Puroresu, Mexican Lucha Libre and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). He is a veteran of more than 1000 matches/bouts around the world and has appeared regularly on TV and Pay-Per-View. Tom has experience in virtually every aspect of Pro Wrestling and MMA as it relates to Film and TV.