Take the Lead

Guitar the way it's meant to be played slayed.
Featuring: Marc Seal

Take the Lead is a live, interactive guitar show that puts YOU in the spotlight. Every episode, Marc Seal, veteran guitarist, instructor, and host takes on new topics and addresses what viewers want to see most. TTL combines viewer submissions, artist performances, musical knowledge, and audience participation to create a unique, live experience.

Each week we receive viewer submissions of guitar players who are trying to capture a certain sound or nail a technique. Marc kicks off each show with his “Set the Stage” segment, where a lucky viewer gets to see their submission played out. Marc will then give live “Sound Advice” as well as detailed instruction during “Technically Speaking” so the viewer can achieve that perfect sound they’re looking for. Submit your videos today for a chance to be featured and have Marc give his advice to you directly!

Got a tune you play perfectly? Record yourself playing and send that video, too! Marc will be featuring artists from all over the world during the “Welcome to the Stage” performance section. After that, we have our Q&A section (Marc’s favorite) where your questions are answered live.

Last but not least, “YOU Take the Lead” on the final segment of the show. Polls will be running throughout the episode so you can share your opinion; but your vote can also affect the end of the episode! You will be given different poll options and your votes will determine the final direction of the show. Will it be a game of Name that Tune? Or do you want to hear about Marc’s musical influences and wild stories? The choice is yours!

Take the Lead takes music entertainment to the next level by putting you in the driver’s seat. Tune in every Thursday at 3pm PST to be a part of it!

Past Shows

Episode 1: April 1, 2021

In our pilot episode, a viewer sets the stage by asking Marc for help on a Bon Jovi solo. Marc dives into artificial pinch harmonics and takes your questions, live.

Episode 2: April 8, 2021

In our second episode, a viewer Sets the Stage by asking Marc for help playing a section of Eric Johnson’s Cliffs of Dover. Marc demonstrates and gives details on achieving different types of bends and vibratos. Gabriella Quevedo and Guthrie Govan are featured on Welcome to the Stage and Marc takes your questions, live.