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University Information   

FUGU University was created to be a new type of University, one designed from the ground-up with the priority on the student experience. The lessons are dynamic and engaging, they feature top experts, and they focus on the topics you care about. You'll find FUGU lessons to be long form, interactive and in-depth. Our goal is to make you the best you can be at your chosen activities.

This is what we call Immersive Education. It is symbolized by our mascot and icon, the fugu. A delicacy for those in the know but deadly for those without the proper knowledge!

As in traditional universities, FUGU is organized into tracks, subjects, courses and lessons. The tracks include Sports & Games, Arts & Entertainment, Self-Improvement and Business. Each lesson incorporates high-quality video, informational slides, moderated forums, student chat, print-outs, and more to give you a one-of-a-kind learning experience. You can even test, get credit hours and get certified in your topic. There are quite a few free lessons and many others available for a small fee. All of the courses and lessons are 100% guaranteed. You own your lessons and can watch them as many times as you wish.

Fee free to contact us any time and we welcome your feedback and suggestions.

As we like to say at FUGU, there is nothing more enjoyable and valuable than to Learn Life!

There are no FUGU events scheduled at this time.
Perfect! Thank you for creating EXACTLY what I have needed and wanted!
- Jeremiah
Our users love the WorldDoc Health Learning Center. It is consistently one of our most popular tools to explain complex health issues in an understandable manner.
- Maja Stapor
I'm telling all my friends....great site!!
- Glen
The quality, conciseness and content of the training is excellent.
- Gary
I recently started the blue belt qualification program with a friend from my local BJJ school and have to say the level of instruction and detail are amazing. It’s even better than actual live class, I find myself understanding and perfecting techniques I had already learned like the Americana armlock. My level of retention for every move is now 100%. The way Rener and Ryron go into the detail of every technique is just an amazing learning experience. I’m actually combining my training at my local BJJ school with the combatives curriculum and loving it. Heck!! I’m seriously considering taking some time off my BJJ school to dedicate fulltime to my Gracie blue belt certification.
- Alfonso
Hi, I just got my Vurtego in the mail--I'm looking forward to getting on it and riding. The Fugu lessons are great--very well done.
- Andrew
Congratulations for your website it is awesome, I'm a Mexican racquetball player and I think this is a great help for all players, thanks and I'll help spread the word of course.
- Claudia
This is fantastic! I’m learning the techniques, asking questions, and testing for belt promotions from over a thousand miles away. I feel like I’m actually training at the Gracie Academy! In fact, the system is so good that I’ve been able to share the experience with my wife and two sons.
- Jason

If you've had a chance to experience the FUGU learning system, please send your feedback or comments to:
Reasons to Join
    1.   Immersive Learning Every FUGU lesson is fully interactive and incorporates video, slides, printouts, forums and peer chat. There is a timeline, chapters and bookmarks that let you jump to the section your want to review. There's even an integrated Progress Tracker you can use to keep notes and your lesson and rate your confidence level. This is learning for the 21st Century.
    2.   Leading Experts Our experts are tops in their respective fields. These are individuals that have spent enormous amounts of time becoming the best they can be and are now here at FUGU to pass the knowledge they've gained on to you.
    3.   Ask Questions FUGU forums are moderated forums where your questions are handled by knowledgeable experts in the topic. Each question is forwarded to specific topic expert who determines the best response.
    4.   Learn At Your Own Pace and Convenience Our online education system gives you the ability to learn at your own speed. You can view the lessons as many times as you wish and you progress to the next lesson at your pace.
    5.   100% Guarantee If you purchase a course or lesson and are not completely satisfied after sampling it, contact us and we will refund your purchase in full. Your satisfaction is what is important to us.
    6.   Integrated Tests, Ranks and Certifications Some of our courses include testing that leads to rank advancement and/or certifications. The test includes either questions or video submissions that are graded on specific criteria, commented on, and given a pass or a fail. If it is a pass, the student is able to advance and get a certificate.
    7.   Get Credit Hours Some of our courses are certified for Credit Hours. Look for the Credit Hour indication in the course description.
    8.   The Topics You Care About Our focus is on featuring topics that matter to you. We look for those experts and subjects that we think are unique and special and that will improve the lives of our students.
    9.   In-Depth, Long-form Education These are not short online video clips. Most of our lessons are 20 minutes or more. Some are 90 minutes. Full courses can cover multiple days worth of material. When you take a FUGU course you will be immmersed in the topic and come out with a clear understanding of the material.
About FUGU Corp.

FUGU creates and manages interactive online Universities featuring top Subject Experts. It does this through 3 channels:

Primary University is our home University that is focused on unique consumer topics.

Satellite Schools
Certain topics are large enough for a dedicated destination where students can find all of the related content in one location. This includes schools such as CosmetologyU. There are several more in the works. There are also opportunities for Title sponsorship of these targeted online destinations.

Partner Universities
Some of our Subject Experts have enough content and an existing audience large enough to support a full University featuring their own brand. In this "powered by FUGU" model we work closely with the Expert to customize the content and experience for their specific audience. Examples of our partner universities include Gracie University, GracieKids, ACTCert, and MartialSkill University. There are quite a few more launching soon.

FUGU offers a unique Value Proposition for each of our constituents:

For Our Students
Access to premium knowledge, skill review, credits and certifications when and where they want it.

For Our Partners and Subject Experts
The ability to draw, engage and monetize a targeted global audience.

For Our Sponsors and Advertisers
The ability to extend their brand to a broad, yet highly-targeted audience while associating the brand with top educational content that betters the lives of it's viewers.


If you'd like more information on FUGU or our programs, feel free to contact us at any time:


Mission and Values

FUGU's mission and values are built on our Reason for Being which is to deliver compelling content to our Members, value to our Partners, growth for our Employees and return to our Shareholders.

Become the go-to source for interactive online learning on consumer topics.

Focus on Innovation
Creative innovation in model, marketing, product and content.

Devotion to Ethics
Honesty and integrity in all levels of the business.

Commitment to Service
We strive for complete satisfaction of members and customers.

Focus on Excellence
The highest possible quality in everything we do.

Careers at FUGU
FUGU is always on the lookout for talented individuals that would like to join the team.

If you are in the market for an opportunity to join a dynamic organization, stretch your skills and help build a major brand, send your resume to:

FUGU has a particular need for the following specialties, both full-time and contract:

Sales Specialists and Account Managers:
If you live for revenue generation and have experience selling into Fortune 1000 companies then this may be a position for you.

SQL and .NET programmers who write clean, solid code and like to work in a fast-paced, creative environment.

Producer / Writers:
Creative individuals who can think on their feet and have experience pulling together complex productions. Professional presentation and excellent communication skills required.

Graphic artists who can illustrate in the style of newspaper and news weekly support graphics and charts.


FUGU Management
FUGU has a talented team that is focused on creating a unique and powerful experience for our students and an easy and successful experience for our instructors, partners and clients. The team has many years of background in the design, development and delivery of major consumer applications and interactive content.
Working with FUGU

Along with our Students, our Subject Experts and Partners are FUGU's life blood and we are dedicated to their success.

Subject Experts
We have a great admiration for people that are at the top of their game. These are individuals who have built a wealth of knowledge in their specialty and are looking for an opportunity to pass that knowledge on to others. FUGU works with its Subject Experts to structure the content and create the most compelling final product for the target students. Creating a FUGU course is a powerful way to generate income while helping students become better at the topic you have a passion for. If you'd like more information on working with FUGU as a Subject Expert, please contact us at

FUGU works with businesses and channel owners to create white label portals of learning. These topic destinations draw a highly targeted audience and FUGU develops each to be uniquely suited to that audience. The sites can be public or private and segments can be launched directly from the partner parent site in the form of Learning Centers. If you'd like to discuss partnership opportunities, please contact us at

Advertising with FUGU

There are many opportunities to advertise with FUGU and reach it's broad yet targeted audience. This can include everything from Title or Category Sponsorship including site sub-branding, to banner advertising and product promotions. We require that the advertising is topical to the subject, not intrusive to the learning experience, and we work directly with our advertisers to ensure optimum success.

If you'd like more information on advertising and sponsorship opportunities please contact us at

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