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Q. Rocky, I am 59 and loving the sport of racquetball. I have difficulty hitting a ball off of the back wall. What can I do to improve this area of my game? Mark
Mcross (3/3/2019 12:55 PM)
A. Watch the session about dancing with the ball or footwork and how to attach the ball. Remember to always try to face the ball with your chest and give yourself space to step to the ball. I work with Ayers a ton on this aspect. If you ever wanted to train with me out hear in CA you can reach me through the contact form on this site.
Q. I have a fairly simple question about double bounce rules but cannot seem to find an answer anywhere. So let’s say the ball is served, passes the short line bounces up and against the backwall. Must that shot be returned off the backwall before the ball hits the ground or can it hit the backwall bounce an then be returned? I’m thinking if it were to bounce after hitting the backwall that would be considered a double bounce, correct?
geminus1564 (4/17/2018 10:36 PM)
A. Only on the service does the ball have to bounce before hitting the back wall. With the service the server has to get the ball to bounce between the short line or the second line and a back wall unless their opponent cuts it off on the fly. Once the rally has started you have the opportunity to hit shots that’ll bounce before or after the battle but I recommend trying to keep the ball low.
Q. Have you tried the multi color (blue & red) racquetball, and if so what was your experience, likes and dislikes?
Freddie (3/28/2018 2:20 PM)
A. Hey Freddie- thanks for your questions. Personally, I don't have much experience with the multicolored balls. Not something I've tried out much, so I can't give too strong of an opinion on this one. For the most part throughout my career I've stuck to solid-colored balls.
Q. When are the other colors (red, green, blue, black) of racquetballs most suitable to use in types of activities?
Freddie (3/28/2018 2:18 PM)
A. Great question. The pros play with the purple ball, and that's my go-to. I like to use a red ball when I'm playing outside. This is the case for a lot of other pro players, too. The blue ball is classic. It has a tendency to be a little faster than the green and purple balls but I like purple the most because it's a bit lighter and easier on the arm.
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