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Q. I'm 52 years old, and a miserable old fat slob. I used to enjoy hiking, bicycle riding and other outdoor activities. About 10 years ago I suffered an on the job back injury, and my life began to suck from that day forward. I took "light duty", and the pounds began to accumulate...I've got high blood pressure and suffer from depression and anxiety. Love beer, pizza (who doesn't) and all the toxic foods like cold cuts, potato chips and a plethora of other garbage-disguised-as-food. Is YRG going to work for me?
Anonymous (2/3/2009 4:32 PM)
A. You love Beer and Pizza, guess what...who doesn't? Right now you have to ask yourself what do you really want? It comes down to choices, you make them all day long. You can control certain things in your life like how you think, how you breathe and what you put in your mouth. You need to change your eating habits otherwise there is no workout that will help you. Now it is up to you to decide what you really want. Own Your Life with YRG!
YRG Team
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